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A Little About, Herself About Author Cecilia Oliver Jones

“Author Cecila Oliver Jones was born in Houston, Texas June 13, 1965.

I’m a graduate of Milby High School. I went to Lee College in Baytown, Texas. From there, I attended the University of Houston, Downtown Campus. I have a passion for working with and assisting others in reaching their dreams in life. Because when we help others, we are also helping ourselves. Just as when you teach, you are also learning.

I was employed with Brilliant Promotional Products, Inc. from 1992 through 2016 until the business closed. The CEO, Shirley Thomas, could not continue her career operating the company due to old age. From there, I began substituting at International Leadership of Texas as of 2021. Assisting our educators has been one fulfilling experience. Giving back and supporting our students, that will one day be our future is a wonderful experience. It’s important to me to take the time to share my knowledge and experience with different phases of my life. When you share your knowledge and experience, you never know who you are helping or who may need that particular insight. There are many subjects that we search for different viewpoints. There are many shades to life. Life is made up of many colors.” I recently wrote a book named The Bachelor And The Therapist. Read it now!

cecilia Oliver Jones

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